Micro Review: Faith No More – Sol Invictus


18 years is a long time, especially when you’re Mike Patton – the man who not only transformed Faith No More into something so brilliantly experimental and distinct with their masterpiece ‘Angel Dust’. Mike Patton has channelled his need to push boundaries and experiment in the many many projects he’s been involved with since his last album with Faith No More inside and out of music. It’s because of this that ‘Sol Invictus’ feels so at home.

After all this time, Faith No More haven’t come back with a grand statement, but one which shows off how fun and twisted they can be. Their lyrics can be absolutely bizzare yet they’re delivered in such a way that Patten always sounds so pissed off. On the track ‘Black Friday’ Patten mocks the whole idea of that shopping craze and on ‘Superhero’ he tears down figures who have authority. Patten’s vocals remain as diverse as ever on this album constantly delivering deep growls and animated highs. The only problem with his vocals on this album is the fact that he doesn’t utilise them quite as much as he used to. When he does we get fantastic results like ‘Cone Of Shame’ and ‘Separation Anxiety’ and when he doesn’t we get the extremely dull opening title track.

Everyone sounds comfortable in their own skin on this album, all of the musicians play off of each other like they hadn’t been away all this time with some of the funk inspiration they’ve always had in their previous albums and massive vocal choruses showing up constantly. And while there are some missteps on the album like the closing track ‘From The Dead’ – which sounds like they got a bit too het up about their reunion and decided to write a cheeseball of a song about it – the album as a whole sounds pleasing enough to satisfy the long-term fans and it might be enough to bring in some new ones.


Best Tracks: Cone Of Shame, Separation Anxiety

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