Listen: Blur – Go Out

Blur are back with their first new album in 12 years entitled ‘The Magic Whip’. The LP will be the follow-up to ‘Think Tank’ and will be the first album with the return of guitarist extraordinary Graham Coxon since 1999’s ’13’.

‘Go Out’ is the first song to be taken from it and it features a typically mundane sounding Damon Albarn who’s vocals sound similar to how they did on songs like ‘This is a low’. There’s also some experimental guitar pieces with some typically schizophrenic guitar solos and moments of them just giving us feedback. This is certainly a more experimental sound coming from Blur and isn’t the sort of thing you’d expect to hear from them on a single; it certainly fits in with their back catalogue though.

Here’s the ‘Magic Whip’ tracklist:

1. Lonesome Street
2. New World Towers
3. Go Out
4. Ice Cream Man
5. Thought I Was a Space Man
6. I Broadcast
7. My Terracotta Heart
8. There Are Too Many of Us
9. Ghost Ship
10. Pyongyang
11. Ong Ong
12. Mirrorball

Listen below:

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