The Best Discographies Of The 21st Century So Far

After my almighty claim in my Death Grips review the other day where I said they have the most consistent discography of this half decade (2010-2015) so far, it got me thinking – what are some of the best discographies of the decade so far? For this I decided to lay some ground rules in order to think of the bands/artist with the most consistent, diverse, or just plain fun records since the year 2000. Every artist in order to appear on this list has to have over two record in their discography, otherwise some people would have near perfect discographies without having to release much music (Bon Iver). The other thing is that the bands can exist pre-2000 but obviously only the records that they have released post 2000 get counted.

It was surprsingly hard to compile a list of artists who are frequently brilliant. Everyone you’d think would be completely obvious have a couple of failures in their discography, even when they have classic albums to their name (The Strokes for example). I managed it in the end and here it is; you should listen to every single artist’s discography listed below.

Arcade Fire

The debates that occur around Arcade Fire’s first three albums in terms of ‘Which is the best?’ is tremendous. Their first three albums used instrumentation that helped beef up their sound to create some of the most epic and grand Indie rock the world has ever seen. Lyrically they also create the feeling of pure escapism on tracks like ‘Neighbourhoods 1 (Tunnels)’ and ‘No Cars Go’ as well as commenting on social issues in suburbia on their third album ‘The Suburbs’. Their fourth album ‘Reflektor’ was an experiment of sorts, ditching everything that everyone loved about the band for a more dance/electronic orientated sound. It paid off in parts and while for many people regard it as their weakest album, it’s still a solid one worth going through. Arcade Fire have one of the most consistently brilliant and brave discographies in Indie rock music.

Death Grips

6 full length projects (including a double album) and an EP in 4 years – you can see why I made the claim I did in my review of their instrumental album based on their work ethic alone. Truth be told that’s not the most impressive part about their discography. The impressive part is actually going from ‘Exmilitary’ and listening all the way through to ‘Fashion Week’ and hearing this incredible progression of a band that has redefined what many people consider to be Hip-Hop and even questioned what genre they fit into. Truth be told it’s hard to pigeon-hole them when they’re so insistent on trying to break any boundaries they come across. There’s not a single record in the discography that could be considered bad because nearly all of them manage to throw people off-balance in one way or another.


Radiohead are undeniably the biggest band in the world that to have experimented as much as they have post 2000. Although a lot of people love their pre-2000 output, it was the groundbreaking ‘Kid A’ that landed Radiohead their first US number 1 album, and from then on they haven’t stopped pushing boundaries. Whether it’s the Jazz influences on their ‘Amnesiac’ album, the beautiful music performed on the album ‘In Rainbows’ which changed the way we value music, or the ghostly dance influence on ‘The King Of Limbs’ – Radiohead have a consistent chemistry that keeps listeners craving them over their entire discography.

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