Listen: Death Grips – Fashion Week (Instrumental LP)

Death Grips are having an incredible market campaign for their ‘final’ album. First you tell everyone you’re releasing a double album and give them half of it; then announce the band’s split, cancel your tour and tell everyone that the second half of the album will be your last ever album and it will come out before the end of the year; then wait six months (in that time telling us the album will be called Jenny Death and give us some artwork) before releasing the first song off of it (which is awesome – fans go nuts); then go back on your promise to release it before the end of the year driving people insane; then release an instrumental album mocking all of the fans waiting for it as the track list spells out ‘JENNYDEATHWHEN’. This is all made worse by the fact that every fan knows the album has been completed for absolutely ages.

Anyway listen to the instrumental album below:

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