Best Soundtracks/Scores Of 2014 – ChickenHam Music

Both the soundtrack and the original score can both be absolutely crucial to making or breaking a film or show. Each year we get a handful of scores and soundtracks that just stand out among the rest, here’s some of the ones you should check out.

Interstellar – Hans Zimmer

One of the most celebrated Sci-Fi films of the year, made by one of the most celebrated film makers of recent years, with an original score from one of the best film composers ever. It was always going to be amazing. Interstellar’s soundtrack is no doubt one of the most tense of the year when paired with the visuals. The use of strings and the absolutely booming organs makes this one of the more genuinely thrilling original scores of the year; able to create tension even when paired with seemingly slow-moving visuals.

Fargo – Jeff Russo

For the TV adaption of the Coen Brothers masterpiece of a film, Russo created an entirely original score. The score is entirely fitting for the setting of the show and the way in which it was filmed. It perfectly captures the sounds of isolation and darkness but remains entirely bizzare at the same time. The way that the plucked strings or the bouncy bass lines show up every now and again to give it that strange sense of being a bit… comedic?

Guardians Of The Galaxy – Various Artists

Although this film did have an original score that is very solid, t=the main thing that caught everyone’s attention was the fantastic artists that showed up on the soundtrack. This album is filled with extremely vintage songs with the likes of David Bowie, 10cc, Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye showing up. It’s an incredible little selection of songs, it would definitely be a soundtrack worth picking up on record due to the fact a lot of these songs would be hard to get hold of otherwise.

Hannibal – Brian Reitzell

The score for series 2 of Hannibal this year rarely actually stopped playing during the entire series – it lingers over the entire series like some terrifying monster. When the music amps up though, it can be both terrifying and beautiful. The percussion that plays throughout the show just sounds like someone lobbing bricks at piles of bones – mental. Who can forget the beautiful music that plays during the final act of the series finale, it’s simply stunning.

Gone Girl – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

For David Fincher’s masterpiece of a film this year he had an original score curated by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The score starts off very slow-moving much like the film itself but then eventually ascends into organised madness. This score is extremely glitchy and slightly unnerving in places. There couldn’t have been a more perfect soundtrack given to the film that was made by a perfectionist.

Fault In Our Stars – Various Artists

Regardless of your opinion on this film, the soundtrack is basically the essential guide to soppy teenage love. Of course it’s not just a standard love story and this soundtrack shows it. With artists like the teen sensation Ed Sheeran, to the brilliant Ray Lamontagne, this soundtrack is full of woozy moments – it’s a teenage dream really.

Wish I Was Here – Various Artists

Zach Braff’s last film brought The Shins to a larger audience and the film wasn’t bad itself. Although his new film is terrible it does have one hell of a soundtrack. Original material from Bon Iver, Coldplay/Cat Power and The Shins as well as some classics like Paul Simon. You seriously can’t go wrong and it’s the film’s redeeming feature.

Boyhood – Various Artists

One of the most ambitious films of the year as it was filmed for 12 years essentially documenting pop culture as it went along. Naturally this means that the soundtrack also captures the music of the times. It features hits from the likes of The Hives, Gotye, Gnarls Barkley, as well as other tracks like ‘Deep Blue’ from the indie gods Arcade Fire.

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