Listen: Death Grips – Inanimate Sensation (Track Review)


Just when you think Death Grips couldn’t get any weirder with the first part of their double album ‘The Powers That B’, they drop the first track from the second part. Inanimate Sensation is no doubt the strangest song they’ve got in their discography so far.

The song opens with this scream/synth… thing. It builds and builds until we get into this wave of synths and some heavy breathing from MC Ride. When MC Ride first opens the track he’s sporting his signature scream that makes it pretty much impossible to decipher lyrics (luckily they provide lyrics in the description). Each verse on the track has him delivering his lyrics in different ways, with the second one going for his more quiet approach and the rest having varying levels of screaming.

Lyrically Ride is talking about how everybody’s buzz and enjoyment comes from inanimate things these days rather than actual interaction with the real world as he puts so elegantly in the last line of the song ‘I like my ipod more than fuckin’.

This is the weirdest song so far but also seems to be a good way of summing up everything they’ve done as a band right to the end, having lots of bits throwing back to earlier sounds; they’ve even got some of the old heavy drums we haven’t seen for a while.

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