Micro Review: David Guetta – Listen

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

On David Guetta’s latest album he continues his trend of trying to jump on every genre or piece of music he can find and ruin it.  On the opening song ‘Dangerous’ he jumps on the band wagon with the disco themed songs of 2013 forgetting to add any sort of excitement to it though. ‘Lovers On The Sun’ has him taking on the Western sounds of Ennio Morricone but reorganized to fit into the EDM template he has for all of his songs. ‘Lift Me Up’ sounds like Guetta’s attempt to make a song that gives off the impression it has meaning, much like a watered down version of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’.

Of course this recent album is filled with familiar guest vocals throughout such as Emeli Sande, The Script, John Legend, Sia, Nicki Minaj and many more to give the appearance of importance to the unsuspecting listener. The worst thing is that little-to-none of these guest features sound the littlest bit inspired. It almost sounds as if Guetta’s made them write songs for him as quick as possible and then added in all of his effects as an after-product. This is most evident on tracks like ‘Listen’ which has John Legend’s soul sucked completely from him through autotune and a generic drop that sounds as paint by numbers as you can get. Every other ‘ballad’ on here have horribly generic piano pieces on them that make me want to vomit. Other songs have Nicki Minaj doing a verse that lacks any of her usual presence she gives on a track; it’s a track that could  have been done by any female singer.

Even though the days of EDM are finally coming to an end, David Guetta still finds ways to rip others off and make millions of pounds off of it. I suppose at least he’s not ripping them off as bad as before (‘Play Hard’ and ‘Shot Me Down’ being his worse offenders ever) but still, he might as well be. This album’s terribleness shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s coming from the man who supposedly cancelled his tour because he lost his memory stick.

This Album Offended me too much to rate it/10

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