The Best Albums Of 2014 – ChickenHamMusic

2014 is coming to a close so it’s time to reveal my favourite albums of the year. Some albums have stood the test of time better than others over the last year so it feels appropriate to document how they feel now after all the hype of many of them has died down. ChickenHamMusic only started halfway through this year, so of course there are many albums that weren’t reviewed on the site from the first year. So now I shall take the opportunity to write some pieces on the brilliant selection of albums from the first half too. But without further ado…

24. Royal Blood- Royal Blood


Though these guys are essentially rock revivalists at their core, there’s no one else in the mainstream of rock music attempting to make music that’s melodic while still riff heavy like these guys. For that alone these guys deserve praise. Royal Blood’s debut album is filled with songs that stick to the back of your head like glue while still sounding rather heavy. They’ve also shown the mainstream what the bass guitar is capable of.

23. Ratking – So It Goes


By blending elements of noise, soul, jazz, grime and of course, Hip-Hop into this cacophony of sounds, Ratking managed to make one of the most engaging ‘Noise-Hop’ albums of the year. These guys are young adults and it shows as they tell tales of growing up in the streets of New York. The blend of grime and noise into their sound has made them sound like one of the most aggressive new Hip-Hop groups emerging at the moment.

22. Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

paolo nutini caustic

By blending elements of soul and jazz into his new sound that incorporates much more complex instrumentation Nutini showed us his ability to be an engaging and superb songwriter. Proving he’s much more than just someone you’ll mum will enjoy.

21. tUnE yArDs – Nikki Nack 


After a trip to Haiti this band decided to make an album filled with extremely varied percussion to the point where that alone would have made this album a standout in the year. Of course it wasn’t only that though, as this is filled with songs catchy as hell with lyrics that will find laughing at their cynicism and satire.

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