Micro Review: Rick Ross – Hood Billionaire

rick ross hb

Seriously Rick Ross (real name William Roberts), please give up with this character you play in your music. You’ve based your entire career taking on the character of real life drug dealer Ricky Ross. Ricky Ross himself even made a video urging you to stop and show these kids that you didn’t become famous whilst dealing drugs, because these kids think they can do it too. Aside from that and more to the point, it’s grown extremely dull hearing him talk about getting rich, doing drugs and ‘fucking bad bitches’. Especially when he doesn’t do it with any intelligence.

Sure, Rick Ross can actually rap pretty well in spots; he’ll occasionally have a nice flow over a beat, and the beats themselves will actually be pretty decent. ‘Still Movin’ Bass’ with Jay-Z is a testament to this with Jigga doing the hook on here while Rossy spits. When you try to forget what he’s actually rapping about and just listen to the flow on this track it’s almost worth the listen. But it isn’t quite enough to save it from the empty dullness felt when listening to this album. Especially when you consider that this is the man’s 7th album and 2nd this year. It feels like watching the same film over and over again but with a different cast; it still has a few moments where it’s okay but mostly it feels stale and requires you to suspend your disbelief far too often.


Christ, this song:

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