Micro Review: Parquet Courts – Content Nausea

parquet courts

‘Content Nausea’ is the second release of the year for Parquet Courts following the much acclaimed release of ‘Sunbathing Animal’; a record offering up some extremely energetic garage rock songs. This new record is a somewhat more accessible approach to the way they write their songs, as well as it being a lot more lo-fi considering they recorded, mixed and mastered this album in two weeks.

This is an album about the digital era in which we live and if you hadn’t guessed by the title they’re not happy with it. The content that we have with out world is now is nausea inducing. On the title track their lead singer Andrew Savage sings “Content that’s what you call it… This year it became harder to be tender, harder and harder to remember meeting a friend, writing a letter, being lost… ignore this part it’s an advertisement.” over the top of these rolling drum beats that eventually turn into unorganized chaos as he’s singing with rapid fire speed making the lyrics almost sound nonsensical. While the sounds on this record are a lot more lo-fi, rushed and easier to digest they allow the lyrics to give off the feeling of paranoia and anxiety that end up consuming this record.

Anyone hoping to hear some of the guitar pop sounds of their first album will be disappointed here as there is a distinct lack of ‘fun’ on this record (Other than the cover of ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’). They do occasionally struggle to find a middle ground in balancing the sound of lyrical sharpness with equally as interesting instrumentals but for the most part they succeed like the track ‘Slide Machine’. Perhaps it’s why they released this record under the name ‘Parkay Quarts’, for the freedom of experimentation.


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