Micro Review: Dope Body – Lifer

Source: Pitchfork

Source: Pitchfork

Noise outfit Dope Body released their second full length album on Drag City Records last month — the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Natural History’. Their last record was one filled with Post-hardcore and punk elements fused into these massively aggressive tracks that had so much funk at the same time. For this album, you will hard pressed to find anywhere near as much funk and groove in the songs because this time they’ve traded it in for even more aggression. This time they fuse elements of Grunge, Post Punk, and Psychedelic Rock into their sound; they found themselves sounding like ‘In Utero’ era Nirvana sometimes like on the track ‘Repo Man’.

A lot of the instrumentation on this record is played a lot more loosely and with a lot less care. You can imagine these guys fumbling around in the studio while slamming on these guitars and not caring too much on these really drawn out verses. This is until we get to the choruses. The choruses are often a lot more in your face with massive guitar chords as the playing all seems to line up so much better like on the track ‘Echo’. Even with all of the reckless playing these guys are extremely talented musically, and they have the ability to really shine like on the 7 minute closer ‘Even In The End’ which is perhaps the most psychedelic of the lot. Their lead vocalist Andrew Laumann has the ability to sound tortured just as much as he’s able to sound angry as hell when he screams.

‘Lifer’ takes so many different sub-genres of rock music that all have one thing in common — aggression — and they have made an album with them all thrown together with such grace.


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