Micro Review: Slipknot – .5: The Grey Chapter


A loss of a friend or family member is a horrible occurrence no matter what the circumstance it’s in. After the loss of Nu-Metal band Slipknot’s bassist Paul Grey a few years ago the band were obviously distraught. This new album is dedicated to him in a lot of ways, it features the anger, depression and angst that you would go through after someone close to you dies, the problem is when Slipknot put it to record it doesn’t translate so well. Obviously not to take away the fact that they genuinely did make a heartfelt tribute to their friend, it’s just that this record feels like a lot of the cliched melodrama you had on their last record, and without the context you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Corey Taylor isn’t a great lyricist at the best of times and it really sounds like he’s struggled to put his obvious upset into compelling lyrics outside of a few moments on here like the track ‘Goodbye’. There are quite a few moments on here filled with pure hatred in the lyrics which is when Slipknot have always been at their best, especially when Corey Taylor screams passionately, but there are just too many moments like the verses in ‘The Devil in I’ that are just too cringe worthy to put into words.The lyrics on this song are like a checklist of every single thing you have to say to sound unhappy/angsty, and Corey Taylor’s clean vocals come through on here giving off the effect of some overly-emotive alt rock band like his other project, Stone Sour. Of course there are some decent riffs on here but a lot of the time they’re paired with these horrible bits of dj scratching. I can’t see you being disappointed with this album if you’re entirely invested in Slipknot’s other recent albums but little here to evoke any proper emotion.


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