Micro Review: Black Milk – If There’s a Hell Below

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On most records that Rapper/Producer Black Milk puts out you can expect some form of reinvention, between albums he has a habit of changing up his sound. This time around though, he’s decided not too. Not that that’s a complaint his last album ‘No Poison, No Paradise’ was one of the best of his career where he put more attention onto the beats he was rapping over because he realised that’s where his strengths lie. His last record was filled with these jazz influenced tracks filled with lush synths and bold instrumentation, and this record sonically is extremely similar. Lyrically he’s pulling from the same topics as well with him rapping in a very retrospective manor filled with dark tracks. He unfortunately doesn’t expand any more from his last album and doesn’t go any darker in terms of lyrics or production, if anything there are quite a few weak moments on here in the production such as on the track ‘Leave The Bones Behind’. A lot of the time he is on par though but this album feels like it’s aiming to be on par with it which subsequently makes it end up falling short. If you were a big fan of the last record though there is sure to be a definite handful of tracks on here you will enjoy and some great guest verses like on the song ‘Scum’ which has the beat change every time a new rapper comes on, it sounds like they’re spitting in a battle. At the end of the day though, there is still a fair amount to be desired.


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