Micro Review: Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting


Ultimate Painting consists of Jack Cooper and James Hoare, the former being in the band Mazes who put out a decent effort this year with Wooden Aquarium, and the latter is part of the band Vernoica Falls. Both these bands are used to writing songs that are indebted to music of the past so it makes sense that this is a record that does the same thing. This is a record very much in the same flavour of Velvet Underground, and many other 60s rock groups. Many will argue that this just screams un-originality, but there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to your influences, if it’s done well-and for the most part these are done pretty well. There are arrangements on this record that are just brilliant, the clean guitar arpeggios, the keys on some of the tracks, and the wobbling synths. The instrumentation is the aspect of this project that sticks out most as a way of paying homage and doing it well. The vocals often seem a bit uncharacteristic though (Perhaps taking too much influence from Lou Reed Ect) and you’ll find yourself listening to the melodies the guitars bring over the actual vocals themselves. Honestly though, the airy, relaxed atmosphere this record gives off is worth just a bit of your time and is pretty sublime if you’re in the mood for a bit of a blast from the past.


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