Listen: Theophilus London – Vibes! (Exec. Produced By Kanye West)

Up and coming artist Theophilus London has shared his entire new LP ‘Vibes!’ online which you can listen to HERE.

The album was executive produced by Kanye West and he also stars on the song ‘Can’t Stop’.

‘Kanye West decided he wanted to help the culture through my voice and music. He wanted to help me become a better musician and helped mentor me during the process of Vibes! He agreed to be Executive Producer after hearing “Neu Law” in his car system while driving through Paris.’

Vibes! Tracklist: 

01 Water Me [ft. Leon Ware]
02 Neu Law
03 Take And Look
04 Can’t Stop My Love [ft. Kanye West]
05 Get Me Right
06 Heartbreaker
07 Do Girls
08 Tribe [ft. Jesse Boykins III]
09 Smoke (Interlude) [ft. Soko]
10 Smoke Dancehall
11 Need Somebody [ft. Leon Ware]
12 Figure It Out [ft. Devonte Hynes]

If you don’t wanna click on the link for the full album (Right here again) here’s another one of his songs below, lemme know what you think.

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