Micro Review: Scott Walker + Sun O))) – Soused

71 year old singer Scott Walker, known for making absolutely, completely bizarre records such as his one ‘Bish Bosch’, has teamed up with experimental metal/drone metal band Sun O))). There has been a lot of hype surrounding this LP as everyone as so curious to see how they would blend their sounds together to create something that was going to be so weird but brilliant. Unfortunately this isn’t what was anticipated. Scott Walker takes the prime position on this record as the singer, as he croons throughout this record singing with some strange imagery. It’s not as vivid or as weird as it could have been though. Sun O))) provide some of their typically gloomy guitar chords that linger in the background but only occasionally really give off something truly compelling. Both sides of the projects feel like watered down versions of themselves. You get the feeling these songs would have benefited if they had been taken in their separate parts and then worked on by the individual artists. There are moments of brilliance but honestly it feels like a forced, un-compelling, and boring in places project.


3 thoughts on “Micro Review: Scott Walker + Sun O))) – Soused

  1. Not having heard the earlier efforts of both Walker and Sun O))), this video is several shades of awesome to me. Subtle, ambient guitar distortion drones and poetic imagery in the lyrics make this very similar to early Massive Attack. Which, to me is a great thing.

    • Thats Sun O))) for you, check them out! I really couldnt get into this though, it literally felt like they had just threw two sepreate songs together, i didn’t think the imagery was too great (other than some of it on the song played above which is one of the best on the LP) it didn’t provoke much emotion of any sort from me. Sun O)))’s occassional riffing felt pretty wasted as well, it could have been used so much better. But i’m very happy if you have found some artists you like from this project!

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