Just a Thought: Are Boy-Bands Really The Ones ‘Ruining’ The Industry?

For  years, decades even, we’ve heard many people all of the world show their disdain for boy bands and the way they’re ruining the music industry. The main culprits in today’s music being One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer and The Vamps. From a standpoint on the fact of how obviously manufactured a lot of the music is, and how heavily their image stands out over their sound I could always see why it annoyed people. But after seeing my 8 year old step-brother listening to them and now having listened to them properly myself, I’ve started to really question how bad it is.

To me, this music is genuinely refreshing, yeah I said it. From Beyonce, to Miley Cyrus, to grown men singing about rape, the rest of the pop charts are filled with stuff that regardless of the quality, is never just fun. Which is what pop music has been since the dawn of time, fun. The Beatles’ ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ anyone? Even the bouncy song ‘All About That Bass’ has horrible undertones and lyrics that are bound to make skinny girls all over the world feel like shit. 5SOS, 1D, The Vamps and all the others make the most inoffensive music possible, music that I would happily play to both my grandmother and to a five year old, and they would both love it equally. Yet somehow, the ones who get the most stick in the music industry are the boy bands.

Is it because they don’t write their own songs? Is it because they use guitars but ‘Aren’t rock bands’? Is it because they use their pretty boy image to sell? Or is it because there’s big companies pumping out these bands like there’s no tomorrow just for the money? What is causing so many people to call out about these bands so frequently to the point where you’re groaned at for even mentioning their names? It’s simple, music snobbery, pretentious fools.

These people are the real culprits of what’s wrong with the music industry, people who think there’s a ‘correct’ music taste. Most of these people probably follow other people’s music tastes anyway, to try and see what they ‘should’ like. These people will call out these bands on social media sites instead of being a true fan of music and letting others have their tastes. They’ve probably only listened to a couple of songs themselves. It’s not like these bands are stopping them from listening and supporting the music that they love? When I’m listening to Radiohead I don’t just stop listening because somewhere I know that someone is listening to 1D and I MUST STOP IT.

Pretty much all of the reasons to hate them can be debunked anyway. They only partially write some of their songs? Elvis didn’t write a vast majority of his hits, Dr Dre doesn’t write his own lyrics, hell, pretty much of the whole of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ was written by Ice Cube. Too much focus on image? David Bowie made a career out of having an iconic image and even more to the point The Beatles dressed in suits to make teenage girls worldwide fall at their feet, don’t play that shit with me son. And as for the manufactured money making, music has been like that for over 50 years, The Beatles early days seemed to be made purely for money, what else were those random ‘U.S Only’ releases about? You can’t pin 50 years of musical damage on to a few teenage boys.

But what do you think? Am I wrong and boy bands are the worst thing to happen to the music industry? am I being too judgmental on those who are judgmental? Let me know.

2 thoughts on “Just a Thought: Are Boy-Bands Really The Ones ‘Ruining’ The Industry?

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