Micro Review: The 2 Bears – The Night Is Young

Source: DrownedInSound

Source: DrownedInSound

The 2 Bears is the project from previous Hot Chip member Joe Goddard and previous music press officer ‘Raf Rundell’ and this is their second album following 2012’s brilliant ‘Be Strong’. This project seems to be intent in injecting both fun AND humanity into dance music, a pair of things that a lot of groups try and fail in succeeding. This record is both of those things, whether it will really be appealing to the masses is another thing as this record really is a strange one. This record seems to have influences from Reggae to Disco to just straight up Deep House. Sometimes they’ll be jump in head first with their influences such as the song ‘Money Man’ with a feature from Stylo G which dives SO far into the more poppy side of reggae. It’s a song that somehow manages to blend keys that sound like it could be out of an 80s pop song, a sickly sweet vocal, AND a vocal that sounds like it could have been taken from a kids TV show – it’s utterly bizarre. The song ‘See You’ inserts a bit of that creepiness previously heard on songs like ‘Bear Hug’ from their first album. This album’s charm really does lay in it’s willingness to be extremely diverse without any attempt to really string any of the pieces together. Of course a natural consequence of this is that this album might not have people loving the entirety of it, purely down to the fact that they’ll want more of one specific sound found on the album.


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