Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Weezer Everything

Since the year 2000 onwards it’s been hard for Weezer fans, if you say you’re a Weezer fan post-Pinkerton you will most probably be mocked by music snobs (not that all of the albums were terrible). What nobody could mock Weezer for is doing what they actually want to do, and what they wanted to do was make records with a more commercial sound. This is the reason it’s taken until album nine for them to finally intentionally go back to the sound of their first two albums. Everyone rejoice! Of course this will probably mean that the music snobs will say they like this record before even hearing a single track on here, but hey ho.

So ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ is… pretty good. It’s not another masterpiece promised from Weezer. There is a distinct lack of the self anguish from The Blue album or the sexual frustration from Pinkerton. What this album does achieve though, is nostalgia. The opening song to the album ‘Aint Got Nobody’ opens with grumbly guitar chugs, power chords and brilliant melodies that could be taken straight from ‘The Blue Album’. The song ‘Cleopatra’ is another gem from this album as Cuomo manages to add an extra syllable to the word Cleopatra making the chorus brilliantly wonky. This album also features some of the most ambitious stuff that they’ve done in a while including a three song streak all running into each other to close the album, they have massive solos and just all together brilliantly executed instrumentation. It makes you want to run up to all the band members, give them a high five, and hug them.

Weezer’s ability to write catchy pop rock songs is still in tact and added with the very prominent feeling of nostalgia you get on this album it makes it very enjoyable. Unfortunately though, Cuomo’s lyrical ability hasn’t been that great for a while now. So many of the songs on here will make you wince a bit, such as the comeback song ‘Back To The Shack’. It’s hard to enjoy the melody to this song when it’s got lyrics like ‘Rockin’ Out Like It’s 94’ – Eww.

If you can get over the lyrical side of things though there is plenty to enjoy on this album. There are plenty of nods to previous moments such as on ‘Foolish Father’ which references their classic song ‘Say It Aint So’ and the song ‘Eulogy For a Band’ which is a nice song about ‘singing the melodies you did long ago’. This isn’t an album that’s going to become a fan favourite, but certainly one that will complement their old albums enough to make you appreciate this for at least a while before heading back over to the old ones. It’s the first album in a while that won’t tarnish how people look at them any further.


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