Micro Review: Hozier – Hozier


Irish singer Hozier is the latest in the line of artists that have emerged this year with a soulful voice, and the public have gobbled him up with the success of his single ‘Take Me To Church’. Though there has been a lot of voices emerge with not a lot of substance to go with them this year, Hozier is different than them. At 24 years old his songwriting feels leagues above his peers in that he is fully aware of his voice without overusing it or sounding gimmicky, he’s also a very mature songwriter. His breakout single alone is enough proof of his talent, a haunting song using religious imagery to talk about his lover; the song ‘In a Week’ finds him singing with Karen Cowley about taking their own lives in a field. He has the ability of writing songs that tell extremely believable stories that are a joy to listen to. He pours in much deeper shades of classic blues and soul into his music than a lot of his peers and it pays off. Though this LP suffers from being slightly overlong it shows Hozier to be a very compelling songwriter much deserving of the commercial success he is getting and someone i’m happy to see head into the forefront of this new soul movement.


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