Micro Review: SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land

Source: TheFader

Source: TheFader

UK producer Sbtrkt has released his second album ‘Wonder Where We Land’ the follow up to his very much loved self titled debut. This release sees him collaborate with some familiar faces from his last album (Sampha, Jessie Ware) but also sees him collaborate with artists like Ezra Koenig, A$AP Ferg, Warpaint and others. He uses this list of collaborators to create a series of songs that are all extremely different from each other but are all in his little subgenre of electronic music influenced by both soul and tribal. From the wonky and weird as hell collaboration with Ezra Koenig, ‘New York, New Dorp’ where it combines Koenig’s wit and African influences that he brings from his own music onto the bouncy beat provided by Sbtrkt. To some of the more soul influenced tracks, they all sound distinctly like Sbtrkt which is a hard talent to have in the electronic world where so many people sound like a copy of someone else.

Both of the Hip-Hop tracks on here are decent with A$AP Ferg spitting a pretty decent verse and Raury delivering a verse better than anything on his recent LP. There are some downsides to this album though, over the 15 tracks there are a couple of duds. Though his collaborations with Sampha are good most of the time did we really want five songs with him on it? The song ‘Look Away’ is one of the weaker tracks on here too with the effects put on the vocals just straight up irritating. As a whole though, this record holds up and solidifies Sbtrkt’s place as one of the more interesting faces in electronic music at the moment.


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