Micro Review: NehruvianDOOM – NehruvianDOOM

Source: OkayPlayer

Source: OkayPlayer

MF DOOM, the celebrated underground Hip-Hop artist shocked many by announcing that he would be making a new collaborative album with virtually unknown, young rapper (18 years old), Bishop Nehru. My excitement for this grew with the release of the song ‘OM’. It showed Bishop Nehru sounding a little bit sloppy but also showed that he definitely had the talent that DOOM certainly sees in him. The good news for this record is, DOOM is on point. it’s just, there’s not much of him. DOOM mostly takes the backseat on this album to do the production which for the most part is brilliant. He uses funk samples, horns, and drumbeats that pack a punch to create a sound that’s very typically moody. The only problem is Nehru is unfortunately disappointing. A lot of these beats aren’t used to their full potential because Nehru’s delivery and flow can really do with a bit of work. He kind of has a laid back attitude to delivering his lines to the point where it sounds like he doesn’t care. Everyone was kind of hoping that DOOM was going to collaborate with one of Hip-Hop’s most exciting new artists (A collaborative album with Earl Sweatshirt?) but unfortunately we haven’t got that. Nehru does have his moments though when he spits back and forth bars with DOOM brilliantly to the point where it has a classic 90s East Coast rap sound, but those moments are too few. Maybe it’s because of Nehru’s young age or lack of experience that this LP has fallen short. He does show promise though, and we can hope that he takes this experience in his stride and become a more experienced and accomplished rapper from it.


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