Micro Review: Banks – Goddess


Riding off of the success that trip-hop and RnB influenced acts seem to be having at the moment (FKA Twigs) Banks is meant to be one of the new hopefuls to continue this theme. Unfortunately she is a clear example of an artist taking the wrong bits of their influences. She falls into the trap of creating mid tempo ballads that while they sound pleasing at first, they grow very tiresome very quick. A lot of the songs end up sounding like a more conventional version of FKA Twigs without the charm or deep sexual undertones. I really wanted to enjoy this album because when I first heard Banks I thought she showcased a brilliant voice that had potential. It’s songs that show off her voice are the best moments on here such as on ‘Waiting Game’ which is a gloomy song that’s more stripped back than the rest of them. Unfortunately instrumentally this LP fails to deliver and brings us generic sounding trip-hop.


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