Micro Review: Interpol – El Pintor

Source: NME

Source: NME

Interpol’s last album didn’t impress a lot of people, it was a bit messy and nothing like the standard in which they had given with their first few brilliant LPs.After their last album they lost their iconic bass player and then they took a lengthly hiatus, things weren’t looking too good for them. This new album sees them a ‘return to form’ of sorts. By return to form I mean that they’re back at what they do best-making gloomy post punk songs. Lead single ‘All The Rage Back Home’ is the strongest song on the track by far it stands up there with what Interpol do best. A slow starting song that progresses into a charging song that has been proving to be a fan favourite live. Throughout this record they have decided to go back to their more upbeat selves with more spindly guitar lines covered in reverb, over the drawn out songs that were frightfully dull. What Interpol have managed to do is make a record that stylistically isn’t all that far from their earlier albums. Lyrically they’re trying to achieve that too unfortunately, thematically this album is Interpol on autopilot trying to create an album so deliberately sad, it’s the main downside to the album. Of course, that won’t matter for a lot of people, because although they’ve made an album that doesn’t change a thing about them, or even add anything stylistically to their discography. They’ve added a few more hits into that every building ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation. For big fans of the band that might be all you’ll want.


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