Micro Review: The New Spring – Late Bloomer

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

This is the third album from Danish folk solo act The New Spring, the project of singer ‘Bastian Kallesøe’. This album was reportedly recorded in just two days and in the production they tried to avoid anything digital for a more crisp sound. Kallesoe has a sweet voice and he often sings in a laid back manner trying to sound as pretty as he possibly can. On this album he’s trying to create the image that he portrays in his name, spring. At the center of all of the songs is his acoustic guitar playing which is pretty decent, but the instrumentation around it is the main treat. He uses various instruments with great subtlety that flutters around like the nature he sings about, it’s a great treat to the ears. This album is an appreciation of the small things around him and the things around him that make him happy. It’s a simple album and an easy inoffensive listen, if this is what you want it’ll be right up your street. It is guilty of occasionally being so sweet that’s it becomes sickly but it’s a nonetheless entertaining LP.


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