Micro Reviews: Mick Jenkins, Pulled Apart By Horses, Twin Atlantic

In this Micro Reviews session I review some pretty decent music that has come out recently that I haven’t had the time to review in full. So without further ado…

Mick Jenkins – The Water[s]

Source: 2DBZ

Source: 2DBZ

Mick Jenkins is a Chicago based rapper this new mixtape of his is a loose concept album on the importance of water, the way it can destroy and create and the importance of it in life. He finds ways of incorporating this theme into many clever metaphors in the album. Instrumentally this theme runs throughout as well as his beats often feel so dreamy and murky. He uses really deep bass as well very the occasional synth that will sound so… serene. His flow is perfect and he has the ability to switch from a laid back relaxed style to having so much power in his voice. The highlight of this album is the song ‘Jazz’ which captures what is brilliant about this mixtape best. CHECK THIS MIXTAPE OUT.


Pulled Apart By Horses – Blood

source: PR

source: PR

Pulled Apart By Horses’ last two albums have been about destruction, two albums of post punk madness. This album they’re intent on taking a break from their endless touring and changing their sound a bit, they’re trying to mature. This album isn’t the fun that their previous works were but they don’t do a bad job of changing their sound. They take on board the sounds of stoner rock similar to ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ and distort the sound up to more grungy sort of levels. For a transformation album it isn’t bad, there are some pretty decent tunes on here. Where it fails is when they have tamed themselves down on some of the tracks as you get the feeling that it needs a bit more attention to detail. (plus you kind of miss song titles such as ‘I Punched a Lion In The Throat’).


Twin Atlantic – The Great Divide

Source: NME

Source: NME

Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic released their third album last month and have decided to try and make their sound a lot more accessible and bigger than ever. It works very well. Their fuse pop melodies with their brand of alt rock to make a record that is just plain fun. You can feel the love they had of recording this record when you listen to it. There are moments when it’s hard to believe this is the same band that wrote their last album ‘free’ they’re aiming so much higher now and have so much more ambition.


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