Rustie – Green Language

Source: ConsequenceOfSound

Source: ConsequenceOfSound

I’m going to come straight out and say that I have been anticipating this album greatly. Rustie is a Glaswegian producer who’s debut album ‘Glass Swords’ was full of golden songs that were both intelligent and fun. Prior to the release of this album Rustie released two songs, ‘Attak’ featuring Danny Brown and ‘Raptor’. These songs threatened more of the same but with MORE intelligence, they were both essentially trap inspired songs and they have both turned out to be two of my favorutie electronic songs of the year. ‘Attak’ featured Danny Brown delivering some decent verses over a trap beat that sounds like it was built for him and the beat and Danny fight for the spotlight, it’s magic. While ‘Raptor’ did the rare thing in electronic music and create a drop that actually feels worth while. I was so up for this album to drop thinking it was going to be one of my records of the year. I was so disappointed.

I have absolutely no problem with artists growing up and trying new things but there comes a time where you need to decide what sort of direction you want to go in. This album opens with essentially two intros that both sound quite ambient. This would be okay if there was any instrumentation in these tracks that made them interesting instead they fall a bit short and a bit flat. There is a bit of instrumentation at the end of the second track that made me perk up my ears but it ends way too quickly.

This isn’t to say that the whole album follows this suit there are plenty of moments that are still trap inspired fun such as the song ‘Velcro’ which is just a winner all round, there are a couple of moments like this throughout the record. This record just isn’t consistent enough in what it wants to be. Some of the moments on here feel so half arsed such as the collaboration with ‘D Double E’ which although has an interesting use of a bird noise is all together just flimsy and falls flat. Some of the constant flittering synths on this record get so tiresome because sometimes they’re not even inspired enough to grab your attention.

For every great moment there is on this record there is two horrible ones, for every rush of adrenaline there’s someone there trying to calm you down, it’s just such a patchy record. This record is worth digging through to find those moments of greatness because like I said before, Attak and Raptor were two of my favourite electronic songs of the year. It’s just not a record worth sitting through in it’s entirety.


But please check out this song because it’s amazing.

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