Royal Blood – Royal Blood

RB_PreOrderPackLast year when Arctic Monkeys released ‘AM’ it was celebrated by many as a big comeback for Rock N Roll music. The unfortunate thing is that many would still complain that it’s been so long since a proper Rock band with a heavier sound have broken into the mainstream. Enter Royal Blood, a duo from Brighton who got signed literally a year ago and are now taking the country by storm using just a bass guitar and drums. Their front man is showing the world what the Bass guitar is capable of with this band bringing a much more fuller sound than any of their peers that are in Rock duos.

Of course there is a reason why this music is appealing to the masses with a wide variety of audiences loving them. They essentially take influence from bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and White Stripes in their music and blend it together with brilliant pop melodies which they say they got from their love of Pop-Punk. They wear their influences on their sleeve while trying to create something fresh sounding. In a time when there are so many unoriginal dull as hell bands trying to bring a grungy sound back into rock Royal Blood are doing it in a way that sounds somehow like a refreshing sound.

‘Out Of The Black’ opens the album and straight away you can hear they’re ability to bring some innovative riffs. In their live shows they pride themselves on the fact that they sound exactly the same as they do on record which gives them the freedom to experiment and it shows on record, they sound raw as hell. Often at the end of their songs they have killer outros which essentially feature the two bands members absolutely tearing their instruments apart (Out of The Black, Figure It Out, Little Monster ect.). Royal Blood aren’t all about their riffs though they have the ability to shift their style throughout the record with the drums on some of the songs finding influence from Hip Hop beats such as the song ‘Loose Change’. They also take things on a more melancholy route vocally on the song ‘You can be so Cruel’ which has the strongest QOTSA influence on the record. It’s one of the weaker points on the record but by no means is it dull.

Much like the garage rock revival scene in the early noughties the influences are so plain to see, but does it really matter? What Royal Blood do they do well and they have completely rewritten the rule book for the bass guitar for a new generation. This band may well be the best duo in Rock music since The White Stripes.


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