Spoon – They Want My Soul

Source: Unrecorded.mu

Source: Unrecorded.mu

Spoon make solid albums don’t they? Even there ‘Disappointment’ such as their last album was still highly enjoyable. It’s been four years since then and they have released a ‘comeback’ albums of sorts. Many people thought they had broken up, especially after they sent a message on their official site saying the words ‘Spoon R.I.P’. This just turned out to be a teaser for the first song off of the new album ‘Rent I Pay’ and the beginning to their latest addition to their brilliant discography.

Spoon are certain that they’re going to tinker with their sound on their eight album; for one they’re actually showing influence from the studio in their sound. The mixing is absolutely brilliant with the bass being pushed forward in all the right places sounding extremely funky. The loud but simple percussion is brilliant, the snares are crisp and the deep bass drum brings that oomph that it needs. This sounds best on the second song on the album ‘Inside Out’ which is probably the standout on the album. There are orchestral pieces thrown in and samples that run throughout. All of the guitar pieces are mostly subtle both when they’re distorted and when they’re acoustic. They sound so well organised such as on the songs ‘Do You’ and ‘Knock Knock Knock’ and they weave and bend around each other. The production really is the key to a lot of the success on this album and it’s the slight change in their sound that they need.

Spoon’s ability to carry a hook has always been brilliant and this new LP is no different. This album is absolutely littered with solid melodies, they often blend with the simplicity of the instrumentation to make songs where it’s hard to be sure whether to sing along with the bass lines or the vocals. Of course that doesn’t mean that this record is flawless or the technique they use is flawless. A couple of the songs on here fall into the trap of actually being a bit too simple. Such as the song ‘I Just don’t Understand’ which sounds a bit… cheap, like a paint by numbers on how to make a pop song especially when the subject matter of a girl mistreating him isn’t actually anything too interesting. Some of the most acoustic songs, are well organised, but just don’t stick as well as others.

This album is just what you’d expect from Spoon… An album that’s perfectly good. There are only a handful of songs that are a tiny bit lacklustre but everything else on this album is perfectly great. They have tried to change their sound slightly on their new album and in true Spoon fashion, they’ve succeeded and they’ve done it in a way that will please Spoon fans and definitely attract a new fan base.


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