Micro Reviews: Alvvays, The Acid, Braid

Alvvays – Alvvays

Canadian 5 piece indie pop band ‘Alvvays’ released their debut album earlier this month. Though this band are very capable of creating decent, catchy songs they lack originality. They also lack conviction in the way that they approach their songs with their guitars being drenched in reverb in the same way many other bands do of this sort. Because of this the album has a distinct lack of variety as all the songs follow the same formula. For anyone that is a big fan of this style of indie pop this album will be golden for you as this does have some fantastic tunes for this genre and Alvvays do show big potential. It just won’t be for everyone.


The Acid – Liminal

The Acid’s debut takes influence from the RnB tinged Burial inspired electronic music such as James Blake. This is a collection of songs that although are indebted to artists such as him but are trying hard to make their own thing it. For the most part they do it well infusing guitars and other layers of instrumentation with the brilliant vocals some of these tracks are genuinely beautiful with emotional depth. The only problem with this album is that while they do this well they sometimes get lost in themselves and forget to write songs that actually stick in your head. Also over the 51 minutes of the album it can get grow very weary.


Braid – No Coast

Emo has been trying to have a bit of a comeback these last few years. Braid who have been around for years without really break into the big time. What Braid are capable of doing is making genuinely enjoyable Emo Rock songs the problem is they only do it sometimes. A lot of the time throughout the album they seem to fall into the trap that many people do when making this sort of music in that it ends up all sounding very similar to a lot of other Emo bands out there. The album sometimes becomes quite bland and while the passion is definitely in their music they fail to live up to the excitement of some of their previous releases. braid_no_coast_942_72

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