Review: John Hiatt – Terms Of My Surrender

Source: Folkradio

Source: FolkRadio

As a long time John Hiatt fan I’ve been waiting for this album with bated breath. And……I’m not disappointed.

Once again John has the blues, and my god is he gonna make you feel them, from your head to your toes and down to your bones, you gonna hang your head (Nothin’ I Love) and you’re gonna walk with a swagger (Baby’s Gonna Kick), but most of all you’re gonna have a damn good time.
For those of you who don’t know this singer/songwriter, simply go and watch him on stage with Joe Bonamassa, performing his classic song ‘Down Around my Place‘. He has an acoustic guitar, a suit and the gravelliest voice since Tom Waits.

The album opens with ‘Long Time Comin’, a mid tempo acoustic track and you immediately get the vibe of this album; regret and life choices. Even the album title, Terms of my Surrender gives you a sense of the themes. This track opens with acoustic guitar, vocals and some low passed percussion, but my god when the drums kick in it’s one of those brilliantly epic moments that John is known for (once again, watch Down Around my Place with Joe).

‘Face of God’ is a classic acoustic blues style track, followed by Marlene which shows Johns “Folkie” side, both brilliant songs. ‘Wind Don’t Have To Hurry’ is a laid back, banjo driven track with some great backing vocals and feel. ‘Baby’s Gonna Kick’ is probably my favourite track, it’s gonna make you want to strut. The feel is great and once again, the production value is pristine, and the same can all be said for the title track…just amazing.

I could keep gushing about this album but I believe it would probably get cut out. It’s great, if you’re in to blues or folk, you’re gonna buy this, if you’re a fan of Johns work, you’re gonna buy this and if you’re not……just do yourself a favour and buy it…go on YouTube, listen and then please, please buy.


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