Critically Acclaimed Bands That Many People Hate

I have recently been talking to my girlfriend about critically acclaimed bands and about how she listens to some bands and doesn’t physically understand any of the hype. It got me wondering, which bands that if you show to an average music listener who doesn’t explore deep into the depths of the underground would be hated the most? And which bands that are well known and critically acclaimed are still hated? It’s weird how the amount of exposure you’ve had to different sorts of music often affects so much of the way you see music. Here is a list of bands that a lot of listeners tend to hate (not my views though).


Though their last two albums have both been critically adored by everyone for their forward thinking experimental rock and their ability to completely demolish their fans ears in the most harsh way possible, to an average music fan they’re bound to sound like parody music. Music that is simply so ridiculous it’s funny. With 30 minute songs that often don’t change in tempo or key, and songs that throughout half of them they’re just slamming the same two notes over and over they will never be found in the mainstream.

Death Grips

Combining angry as hell hip hop, industrial sounds and some genuinely catchy hooks Death Grips are sure to be remembered as one of the most forward thinking underground Hip Hop groups of recent years. Not everyone would agree though. When I played this in front of a group of people unfamiliar with them they had me turn it off dismissing it as music that ‘sounds like something that could be played at the beginning of Pimp My Ride UK’. The way the lyrics are incredibly hard to hear over the screaming and when they are heard, the lyrics are extremely violent and unsettling.

Radiohead (Post Kid A)

Dull, boring, whiny, weird. These are just some of the words I’ve heard to describe arguably the most acclaimed band of the 21st century. This band’s success seems to fuel many people to label them overrated more than any other band. People seem to hate Thom Yorke’s voice, they hate the ‘Weird’ electronic beats and they seem to hate the fact that their music isn’t always immediate straight away. The irregular drum beats they use in so much of their music is bound to turn many people off.


People hate U2. Even people who are into music hate this critically acclaimed band. Is it the music itself? Is it the image they have? Is it the fact that people think that Bono is a prick? For a band that make genuinely accessible songs that are loved by many critics U2 seem to have a lot of people that hate them. My bet is more on the image than the music.

The Beatles

Getting the name as ‘The most critically acclaimed and commercially successful band of all time’ isn’t going to come easy. With the success comes a lot of people who are obviously going to not like them. Believe it or not I have heard so many people say they actually ‘hate’ The Beatles. Many people don’t care about the importance of them and just genuinely think they made bland songs and will tell me to turn them off if they hear them.

4 thoughts on “Critically Acclaimed Bands That Many People Hate

  1. People should just be more open-minded about music. When you realize that all styles of music: popular, obscure, accessible, and underground all have great music to offer, it’s like your whole world opens up. And hating a band because you think one or more band members are “jerks” is silly because you have to separate the music from the people who made it. If a terrible person makes great music, then I’ll appreciate the music, and not the person.

    • 100% agree, there is no superior genre of music or form of music, there is great music to be found everywhere. Image can be great (such as iconic rock stars) but people often rely far too much on image when deciding when they like people. It’s what I find baffling about U2 getting so much hate.

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