Listen: Alt-J – Left Hand Free

Alt-J have revealed another track from their upcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’ entitled ‘Left Hand Free’.

In a recent interview they said that it’s the least Alt-J sounding song yet and it’s easy to see why. The song is essentially a blues song done up a in a way that still sounds distinctly like Alt-J. It even has high falsettos in the background that sounds similar to something The Black Keys would do. The song also features a brilliant keyboard solo and effects on the vocals that wouldn’t sound out of place on any of the blues/garage rock that was coming out in the early noughties.  Alt-J do the blues very well and show further how the band take many influences into their music.

‘This Is All Yours’ comes out on September 22nd and you can see the track list below:

‘Arrival In Nara’
‘Every Other Freckle’
‘Left Hand Free’
‘Garden Of England’
‘Choice Kingdom’
‘Hunger Of The Pine’
‘Warm Foothills’
‘The Gospel Of John Hurt’
‘Bloodflood Pt II’
‘Leaving Nara’

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