White Lung – Deep Fantasy

Source: AllMusic

Source: AllMusic


A violent, vicious, punk driven attack. That’s the best way to describe Vancouver based punk trio White Lungs’s new album, Deep Fantasy which offers 22 minutes of pure power. This is the band’s first album on the independent record label Domino which have put out records from indie bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

The band is fronted by lead singer Mish Way who’s snarl is reminiscent of many punk acts of the 70s. This is appropriate for a singer who’s influenced by Courtney Love and is singing about feminism, body dysmorphia and sexual pursuit in the most angry ways she can. ‘If I get fat one day, will you run away? I’ll starve myself if you save me’ Way sings. It’s a comment on the hold that she feels men have over women, and one of the more sincere ones of the album. Other lyrics aren’t so sincere and are just straight up threats like the lyrics on ’In your home’ she sings ‘I will burn your throne’. Subtlety isn’t their thing as it would have merely weakened what she wants to say no matter what the message. It’s rare you get this kind of brutal delivery in modern day punk.

All the band members play off of each other very well each allowing each other time to shine in the instrumentation. Many times the bass is so full and noisy that it allows the guitar work to come through with some crazy good riffs. They waste no time at all to get as much viscous instrumentation as they can in between the gaps where Way stops singing, even if it is a mere couple of seconds. They also leave no time to build any sort of atmosphere in the songs which is why the ten songs end up all being under 3 minutes which makes the songs quick and to the point. You have to listen carefully to hear all the detail in the guitar work such as the breakdowns and how the production from Jesse Gander has allowed them to sound chaotic in such an organised way.

The songs do sometimes come off sounding claustrophobic though and as a result the songs sometimes blend together. It can be frustrating on the first listen but it doesn’t overpower the fact that their spirit to be truly angry on a record is one that is seldom seen these days. After all that is what punk music is about.


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